What is “Akamai”?

We get this question from inquiring minds a lot.
If you’re one of them – We absolutely would like to work with you. We like inquiring minds.

Akamai Marketing was founded in 2007 in Honolulu, Hawaii. We wanted a name that reflected the birthplace of our company, so our founder, Tara Coomans, searched and read about the Hawaii culture until she hit on the name.

The Hawaiian language is filled with words which have multiple meanings, depending on who is talking and the context of the situation. “Akamai” is not so different.

According to the Hawaiian Dictionary: 

aka.mai nvs. Smart, clever, expert; smartness, skill, wit. Cf. akeakamai. Nā ʻōlelo akamai a Kolomona, the proverbs of Solomon. ho.ʻāka.mai To make wise or smart; to make a pretense of wisdom; to show off, display erudition; theorist. (PPN ʻatamai.)

In general, it can mean witty or intelligent, shrewd or clever. It can also be used to describe someone pretentiously showing off their smarts, which isn’t a compliment the humility-driven Hawaiian culture.

None the less, all of those things describe us. For better or worse.
So if you like working with people who are unashamed of their cleverness and intelligence, we want to work with you.