The Brainstormer

Not all creative thinkers become artists, scholars or engineers. tara coomans, akamai marketing, social media and word of mouth marketing
Some become brainstormers.
Some brainstormers become change agents.

I like challenges.
But I like solutions even more.
I get a kick out of developing solutions to big hairy marketing problems.
Solutions often require change.
if you didn’t want to change something, you wouldn’t be looking for marketing consulting.
That’s where the “Change Agent” part comes in.
The Brainstormer comes up with the solution.
The Change Agent makes it happen.

Our clients aren’t always the biggest brands, but they have the biggest hearts.
Our clients place a priority on success and are willing to take the steps to get there.
Our clients are excited about their companies, their ideas and stories.
Our clients have dreams, ambitions and drive.
Our clients are smart, innovative, creative.
If you are actively looking to collaborate, innovate and inspire, then you’re an ideal Akamai Marketing client.
If that sounds like you, I’d like to talk to you.
Before you do,  you might like to know a little more about me:

I’ve had brilliant successes.
I’ve had epic failures.
I’ve had nationally recognized clients.
I’ve had startup clients.
I’ve been a business owner. 3 times.
I’ve been an employee, a planner, a rainmaker, a volunteer, an ideator and an implementor. 

I love a good joke.
I love a good martini. A dry sake. A big red wine. (Not all at once though).
I love my husband. My Family, Especially, my 13 nieces and nephews. My Jack Russell, Rudy.
I love my toes in the sand.
I love food someone else cared about growing or making.

I believe in giving, we receive.
I believe marketing is equal part art and science.
I believe in straight talk and transparency.
I believe in fairness, even in business.
I believe time is precious and none of us has enough of it.
I believe in loving the work.
I believe in working hard.
I believe everyone needs a passion.
I believe good ideas can always be made better.
I have a deep belief in taking risks.

Innovation is what creates real opportunity for growth. 

What I’ve learned during that time is that my ideas can’t be siloed. They can’t be penned in.
This is good news for my clients.
When I wake up with an idea or solution, I don’t tell it to go away because it doesn’t fit into a box.
That’s why I started my company. To get the ideas out of the box.

Are you ready to work with someone truly unique? Someone whose ideas will make your business stand out? Are you ready to have your potential customers and clients sit up and take notice?

We’re seeking clients who actively want to collaborate. Innovate. Inspire. 

Let’s get started together today.


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