What IS Brainstorming?

Sometimes you just need a nudge. Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes.

Do you feel stuck?
Do you feel uninspired?
Do you find yourself doing the same things, but wishing there was a better way?
You always need a quick, innovative thinker…and that’s where Tara Coomans, Chief Brainstormer at Akamai Marketing comes in.


Tara sees the world differently.
Not the world as it is…but the world as it could be.
Tara develops solutions to complex issues, quickly.
Tara’s solutions surprise.

Brainstorming sessions have the potential to change your business. All brainstorming sessions are by application only. I only take sessions I feel I can truly help. There are a limited number of brainstorming sessions available per month.

They provide clarity and strategic recommendations on your business and you will truly see solutions in an entirely new way.

But, personalized Brainstorming sessions are expensive.

If you’re ready to apply, please contact us via our “Contact” Page, here.

Bring your white board, your Ipad and anything else you need for inspiration.
This is going to be fun.
And worth your time.

Creative. Smart. Akamai.