Review Policy


I enjoy staying up to date on the latest in social media tools and applications.  All of my reviews are my own opinions, they can not be purchased, swayed or bought. When I think a product is great, I will say so. If I think a product is “meh”, I will say so too.

Sometimes there will be an affiliate link for a product that I have or do personally use; I will always disclose affiliate links so you, the reader, can make your own choices. I do, however, sincerely appreciate those who utilize my affiliate link.  If I review a product, I will disclose if the product was provided to me in exchange for a review.

If you have a product for me to review:

  • Please contact me directly and provide me with a copy or an opportunity to review the product fairly.  Please do not send me a press release with a link. Let me know why you think your product is relevant to my readers.
  • I will determine whether I will review your product within 2 weeks of receiving your information.
  • My review will be a review of my honest experience.
  • In the case of software and or applications, I sincerely appreciate being able to provide my readers or Social Media Club of Hawaii with a license as well.
  • Advertising or payment for reviews is not accepted. However, I generally consider the product as part of the review process and do not return actual products. We can negotiate software and applications. If your product is a book, I generally prefer to receive it on Kindle.