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Case Study and Lessons Learned: Increasing Foot Traffic for Retail Using Social Media and Event Marketing

Case Study #4: Neighborhood Shopping Center Background:  This client came to me with a desire to raise awareness of their shopping center and the variety of stores and shops within the shopping center.  The shopping Continue Reading »

Case Study and Lessons Learned: Startup Product Launch and Lessons Learned

Case Study #1.2: Startup Awareness Campaign Background:  The website-based service targeted parents, in particular Moms, concerned about their children's social media activity. As a startup, they hadn't done any Continue Reading »

Web wide open – blogging, twitter and facebook for small businesses

Through out my career I have been fascinated with marketing techniques that allowed the customer and the brand to engage on a a deeper level: a way for them to speak to one another, more importantly: Listen. This is why Continue Reading »